Band Bio

Hailing from the home of metal, Birmingham UK, Hands of Attrition are a powerhouse of melodic metal mayhem. Since their formation in 2018, this quartet has been crafting their unique sound that merges bone-crushing riffs with emotive lyricism, delivering a visceral experience that resonates with audiences worldwide. Hands of Attrition are known for their groove filled riffs, catchy melodies and emotive choruses, often referring to their style as "GrooveCore",

Band Members

James Shaw - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Anthony Austin-Smith - Lead Guitar

James Brunskill - Bass

Dale Harrison - Drums

At the forefront of their sonic assault is James Shaw, whose vocals and rhythm guitar work serve as the band's rallying cry. Alongside him, Anthony Austin-Smith wields his lead guitar with precision, unleashing captivating lead lines and blistering solos that soar above the chaos. James Brunskill anchors the low end with finesse and power, embellishing the guitars with his own unique flair, while Dale Harrison's relentless drumming provides the foundation upon which their sound is built. The band write and record everything themselves at their studio and bring in long term collaborater and producer & mix/master engineer Justin Hill (Sikth) to complete thier sound ready for release.

Previous Releases

In 2020, Hands of Attrition unleashed their debut album, "Colder Places," a haunting journey through the depths of addiction, mental health struggles, and the battle to break free from the chains of destructive habits. Tracks like "Consumed" and "Threadbare" delve into the depths of mental health and what it is to be overtaken by mental health and trauma, and how one an overcome even the worst of days.

Their two latest releases titled "They Live On" and "Shrouded in Silence" both hold deeper meanings, exploring themes of loss and betrayal with a raw emotional intensity that cuts to the core.

Listen to and watch the music videos for the two latest releases below

"Click here to stream "They Live On"

"Click here to stream "Shrouded in Silence"

"Click here to stream "Colder Places Album"

What is Next for the Band?

The journey is far from over for Hands of Attrition, with regular shows in the UK on the horizon and two new singles scheduled for release later in the year, the band shows no signs of slowing down. They are continuing to hone their craft and push the boundaries of their sound, Hands of Attrition are poised to unleash more music into the metal scene in 2024 and beyond!

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